Iannis Xenakis - Persepolis + Remixes Edition I ASP 2005
”Disc 2 of this recording contains nine remixes of Persepolis by an international cast of avant-garde musicians, transforming Xenakis' original work in entirely distinct contexts, imbuing it with compellingly new meanings. Otomo Yoshihide, Merzbow, Ryoji Ikeda, and Construction Kit contribute Japanese readings, while Spanish artist Francisco Lopez, Polish musician Zbigniew Karkowski and German Ulf Langheinrich bring the so-called noise from Europe. Americans Antimatter and Laminar round the global aspect of this collection out by providing their own compelling takes on the original. Despite their distinctiveness, what unites all of these remixes is a shared sense that all great works of art can transcend the contexts in which they were first conceived in order to explore, and perhaps fulfill their greater purpose.”

1. Iannis Xenakis : Persepolis (GRM Mix) 1h (00:42)
2. Otomo Yoshihide : Persepolis (Otomo Yoshihide remix) (9:20)
3. Ryoji Ikeda : Per Se (8:35)
4. Zbigniew Karkowski : Doing By Not Doing (15:12)
5. Antimatter : Persepolis (Antimatter mix) (9:59)
6. Construction Kit : Glitché (5:00)
7. Francisco López : Untitled #113 for Iannis Xenakis (10:05)
8. Fred Szymanski, A Laminar project : Whorl (7:05)
9. Merzbow : Persepolis (Merzbow mix) (7:01)
10. Ulf Langheinrich : Persepolis (Ulf Langheinrich mix) (7:34)

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