Vent (7:30)
VENT is a sound and image piece involving iterative techniques of micromontage and multiple sound gestures. The visual part of VENT was created through the use of non-standard 3D techniques and is based on trajectories along which fragments of three-dimensional architectural objects move through a multi-dimensional space. The resulting series of movements -- objects stretched or compressed, curving, spinning, sweeping toward, or away from the camera are sometimes aligned, but at other times they diverge as the pointalistic sound track becomes increasingly active and complex.


SightSonic 2005 Festival, York International Festival of Digital Arts, Tony Myatt, Festival Chair and co-founder, October, York, 2005. (

ICMC Festival, La Fundación Phonos, la Universidad Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona y la Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña (ESMUC), Barcelona, Spain, September 2005.

“Games People Play”, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (PFA), Curated by Steve Seid, Berkeley, California, February 2005. (bampfa.berkeley)