FLUME, Part of compilation: An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music /
Third A-chronology 1952-2004, Volume 3.

Sub Rosa, Bruxelles, Belgium, 2004

NOZZLE, A Laminar Project
Asphodel Recordings, San Francisco, September, 2003

MANIFOLD, A Laminar Project
JDK Productions, Amsterdam, December 2002

WHORL, homage to Iannis Xenakis’s "Persepolis".
Part of compilation CD Persepolis/Remixes
Asphodel Recordings, June 2002

FEEDER #8 Part of compilation CD Bit Streams.
Sound works from the exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art”
JDK Productions, Amsterdam, 2001

Soleilmoon Recordings, Portland and Staalplaat, Amsterdam, 1999

Part of compilation CD A Storm of Drones, the third CD of The Sombient Trilogy
Asphodel Recordings, San Francisco, 1998

ATTENDEZ, an audio journal of the streets of Paris
Part of compilation CD “USA vs Europe”
Strange Ways Records, Hamburg, 1997