Porte Donnant sur la Voie (13:40)
The video image was recorded almost entirely in real time by using the camera shutter to create a haptic series of ellipses of time and space. The audio track, through the use of iterative wavetable distortion and granular synthesis, attempts to explore the world of 2nd-order sonorities, The original, underlying structure is derived from sampled transient noise components and other microscopic events. An effort is made to contrast smooth, stationary, constant sections with turbulent, particulate sections and to include random, improvisational-like gestures that relate to the overlapping and folding of the image.


International Computer Music Conference Festival performance, Akademie der Kunste, Berlin, September 2000

Experimental division, 33rd New York Exposition of Short Film and Video, New York,
December 1999 (Gold Medal award).

International Video program, “Dialogues ‘99”, Mathew Gallery, Edinburgh, October 1999.

“Vidarte” (video performance), curated by Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Festival de Video y Artes Electronicas, The Mexican National Council for Culture and the Arts, Mexico City, September 1999.

Electronic Music Foundation (EMF) performance with realtime diffusion by Carla Scaletti using Kyma, curated by Carla Scaletti and Kurt Hebel, Engine 27, New York, September 1999.