Laminar - "Manifold" JdK 008 (2003)
Laminar's sound investigations and amplification of everyday life's miniscule sounds might resemble another Soleilmoon project, Alp. But Laminar's agenda is far more malevolent. Inspired by the imperceptible sounds of pollen falling from a flower to the ground, the flutter of insect wings, and the evaporation of water, Laminar has recorded "second order sonoritites" of these sonic phenomena, and expanded them through an aural threshing device. The intense eruption of turbulent noise found on "Sector One" and "Sector Five" from the Ante-Chamber album taps into the physicality of Laminar's investigations. In effect, Laminar fuses these tiny sounds with a radioactive isotope to document violent breakdown at a molecular level.

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In a review of MANIFOLD A Laminar Project (JDK08 CD), The WIRE Issue 231, May 2003,
by Ken Hollings:

"When the tumbling structures, stark asymmetries and jagged events spilling out of the speakers on the opening "Point Sink" give way to a monstrous striated expanse of white noise, you realize that Fred Szymanski's work repays close attention. There's a lot to admire in the casual flare with which he allows the laptop's elaborate software to construct such bold parabolas of ripping electronic sounds. "" intricately combines remixes of Laminar recordings created by Agostino di Scipio with simmering sonic brutalism that also comes swinging in on the closing cut, "Shed 2". A more delicate use of contrasting densities emerge on "Isotherm" and the magnificent and convoluted "Eddies"."