FLEXORS (length variable)

Flexors is a sound and image piece based on the adaptive behavior of 3D characters. Transparent figures move in a simulated world of unseen objects and forces.  The characters are in turn transformed by their own movements. The non-linear iterative procedure employed drives the low-level components of the geometry. Motion and time are treated as continuous multiplicities in the animated field.

The sound events are contructed using a granular approach to the treatment of sampled performances. The micro-level events of the sound track are coordinated with the intermittent structure of the animated figures. Stochastic procedures are used to produce clusters of sounds, with a micro-montage approach to the sounds’ propagation in space. The sound track sets up dynamic interactions of the figures as a network of multiple simultaneities between image and sound.

FLEXORS, Introducing Media Art, European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck, Germany, April 26, 2007. http://www.emaf.de/

Actualités: http://www.imeb.net/